Sponsor a child, change their life for good

The relationship between a child and sponsor brings about hope and the much-needed life basics like Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education, Healthcare, clean Water and not forgetting Love.

Hello, I'm Sam Mwangi







My birthday is on the 26th March and I have 2 brothers. My favourite game is playing soccer. In Maya life is hard for children like me. But sponsor me today and you can change my world for good.


This is Me

Sam Mwangi Life in Kampala Uganda.

Sam Mwangi Daily Needs

Life in this place is not easy, some of this children only manage to have one meal a day, a visit to a doctor is rear unless its a poorly funded Government Hospital, for some education is a privilege.


Your Sponsorship can add an much needed second meal to this children.


Help to bring equally required Health care, immunization and drugs.


Help to close the Literacy gap and eradicate poverty for this future leaders.

Breaking Down Your sponsorship

30usd Monthly Sponsorship will transform a child’s life and community. This money also benefits the extended member of the child’s family and community around them. Mother’s are especially the pillars of this communities, we work with them to help build sustainable families and your contribution will go along way to build wealth in this communities. We do so our 4 tier community building method, Engagement, planning, Empowering and Training.


By engaging the families and community around the children we get to know their needs


Your Sponsorship helps us develop long term action plan for the Children needs


By Empowering the families and communities around them, their future looks brighter


After Empowering the Families and communities, we also train them to sustain their future

How your Sponsorship Helps

Sponsoring Sam Mwangi


per month provides

  • Your sponsorship will provide training, tools and seeds to help families feed themselves.
  • You'll help provide safe, clean drinking water in villages and schools.
  • You'll help give small business loans so families can earn a decent living.

What you will get as a Sponsor?

You are here, what next?

Donation For Food Supplies

Goal: $5000

Raised: $3900

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