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In the last 3 years we have realized what a need there is for more of us to join this effort to get children out of institutions those who have families and re-unite them ,reconcile them with their families..

Hi, it’s Winnie! Most of you know me, but may be many of you don’t I am the Founder of Maama Africa the Voice Uganda.

My passion is to help but to empower for self sustainability.

The Problem

In the last 3 years we have realized what a need there is for more of us to join this effort to get children out of institutions those who have  families and re-unite them ,reconcile them and those who completely have none are the ones we rescue, rehabilitate, reconcile and empower leading to self sustainability. 
 “But don’t orphans need orphanages?” many people ask. Actually, yes some need and some no.  Our research show that 80% of the children in Ugandan orphanages are not actually orphans? Check out these stats on children’s institutions in Uganda
In the mid-1990s there were approx 35 orphanages in Uganda, and now there are over 600 meaning the number of orphans, abandoned babies in garbage, street kids are increasing as well as Orphanage homes. Some of These “orphanages” receive 95% of their funding from different countries .Among them Maama Africa the Voice Uganda has changed many children’s lives, re-united families, resettled children back to their families, in turn, Some of our little funding is being spent on keeping families together instead of splitting them apart were we can.


If you saw the video, you heard the story of Sanyu’s reunification.  She had a very bad perception about her Mum after she lost her Father due to HIV, and we helped get her to Love her Mum and know her origin back to her family.  Getting Sanyu’s home, a long journey, not very easy to make her understand her Mother’s stand which later became to be so simple, and now yet there are still thousands of children like her on the streets in our orphanage for no good reasonbut this is a journey that needs allot of effort and finances to do so thank you Sanyu’s sponsor to support in this matter of re-union


What we've accomplished so far

We are so excited when started re-uniting families, resettling children who have the opportunity to be resettled. We couldn’t believe how perfectly the opportunity dovetailed with my background in education, non-profits, and working with disadvantaged children and families. The need to raise awareness globally in is great.  Some children with families Children belong in families, not orphanages unless otherwise.
In setting keeping this program running, it’s taking a full-time employee us to create awareness, approach funders, speak with the media, etc.  We have a strong board of directors here in the Uganda, and we have a small staff team the ground in Uganda. We continue to need funding.

Current Funding Needs

This project is wide and the program demands allot: 50% of the money will cover more of our paper work and facilitation in the all process and the other 50% will go directly to the family and child’s school. We need money to hire investigators, economic empowerment officers, and social workers; money to help families start small businesses so that they can consistently provide for their children). As much we support total Orphans, I Winnie ask for your support because this is something we fully believe in and something we continue to support and fund myself. 
You can be a part of the beginning stages of work that no one else is doing. By donating, you will share in stories like Sanyu’s.
Thank you so much!

The Work

Reconciliation and resettlement is a direct intervention to reunite children back with their Ugandan families those who do.  Some children have been lost in the orphanage system, trafficked for international adoption or kidnapped.  Reunite also works with these families to make sure that the resettlement is sustainable and has every chance of being successful.  To do this, we provide social work services, economic empowerment and in some cases, emergency support (food, medical services, etc). 
Reunite uses qualified Ugandan investigators, social workers and economic empowerment officers. We are totally committed to supporting the Ugandan Government Alternative Care Framework. 

Other Ways You Can Help:

Like us on Face bookand then share the link to this campaign! 
Invite me to speak: I’d love to share more about this issue with your group of friends, sports team, high scholars, church, or college campus.
Get the word out!  This problem and its solutions are counter-intuitive to what mainstream media is telling us. Help your friends and family understand the need to get children out of orphanages those who have and back in their families.