Sponsor a child, change their life for good

The relationship between a child and sponsor brings about hope and the much-needed life basics like Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education, Healthcare, clean Water and not forgetting Love.








My birthday is on the 2nd October. My favorite game is playing football. In Joshua’s life it is hard for children like me. But sponsor me today and you can change my world for good.

Hobbies and Sport
Art or Drawing
Group Games
Playing football .

This is Me


Luwero Uganda.


Life in this place is not easy, some of this children only manage to have one meal a day, a visit to a doctor is rear unless its a poorly funded Government Hospital, for some education is a privilege.


Your Sponsorship can add an much needed second meal to this children.


Help to bring equally required Health care, immunization and drugs.


Help to close the Literacy gap and eradicate poverty for this future leaders.

Breaking Down Your sponsorship

30usd Monthly Sponsorship will transform a child’s life and community. This money also benefits the extended member of the child’s family and community around them. Mother’s are especially the pillars of this communities, we work with them to help build sustainable families and your contribution will go along way to build wealth in this communities. We do so our 4 tier community building method, Engagement, planning, Empowering and Training.


By engaging the families and community around the children we get to know their needs


Your Sponsorship helps us develop long term action plan for the Children needs


By Empowering the families and communities around them, their future looks brighter


After Empowering the Families and communities, we also train them to sustain their future

How your Sponsorship Helps


$ 30

Per Month Provides

  • Your sponsorship will provide training, tools and seeds to help families feed themselves.
  • You'll help provide safe, clean drinking water in villages and schools.
  • You'll help give small business loans so families can earn a decent living.

What you will get as a Sponsor?


On Enrollment

Go to our website and look for your child, latest updates and what has been happening around his community.

Week 2

More about the Child

We shall mail you details about the child, school, community and his/her current home.

Week 2
Week 3

Communication from Child

We shall send you a letter from the child or from the child family as they welcome you to Mama Africa. We shall also send you a welcome gift.

Week 3
Week 13

Gift from Child

You will receive a gift from the child in appreciation for your sponsorship, a drawing, photos or handmade craft.

Week 13
On your Birthday

Happy Birthday

You get a spacial message from your child.

On your Birthday
On Christmas

On Christmas

Christmas Carols and wishes from the children at the home in general.

On Christmas
Visit your Child

Visit your Child

Once a year or as often as you can, you can visit your child to see how your contribution is impacting their life.

Visit your Child

You are here, what next?


Most frequent questions and answers

We have a number of children’s on this page of our website
Please click the sponsor a child page ,most of these children are in need is sponsorship
We always ask you on how you want your donation should be used .you can also get in touch with us though our contact page if you have a particular request .

Apart from not being a profit making organisation we have credibility that we have built over years with our few child sponsors. We have offices to where children are
In our operating areas and districts .
We have routinely improved our accountability reporting for all money and in some cases we send photographs ,videos and reports for evidence. We have been proven to be among the best regulated Non profit organisations in Uganda and we have to adhere to strict code of conduct .

In every case, we started doing enough research following individual cases to know if the beneficiaries are qualifying for the support. we work hand in hand with the communities in the districts we operate in, local councils, community leaders, police and the ministry of gender as represented in the division where we operate.

At the moment our scope of our main operations is in two districts Kampala and Luwero district then other districts where we resettled back the children we only support in from there  and they are most in need, some of the hardest places where the most vulnerable children live. We then meet with community leaders and the wider community to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that exist for them and we develop a long-term plan together, to break the cycle of poverty.

Millions of children in Uganda need help to break the never-ending cycle of poverty. Hunger weakens them. Unsafe drinking water makes them sick. Missing out on an education can stop them from reaching their potential hence inequality of community leaders  

As a sponsor, you will help provide a child with sustainable access to life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education.

How? We work with a community, establishing together what work is required, and setting realistic goals for what can be achieved. If something’s not working, we’ll review it and change it.

Whether it’s training people in how to set up their own small business, drilling a bore hole or developing irrigation systems with farmers to produce a greater yield – we want sustainable change so that communities are equipped to give their children the best start in life.

The donation you give does not go directly to your sponsored child or family. That’s because experience has taught us it’s more effective to use the money on education as a long term goal of having educated citizens helps the growth of the Economy of Uganda also on projects that will benefit your sponsored child’s community as a whole, at the same time improving the wellbeing of the guardians of the child you sponsor.

Sponsoring a child with mama Africa the voice Uganda costs just $1 a day, or $30 a month. And because of our sustainable development-focused solutions, for every child you help, 2 more children benefit too.

If you’re thinking of sponsoring a child, but don’t know where to begin, we can help. Please Email us to find out how.

We have 12 years’ experience of working with parents and communities to improve the lives of children. We’ve learnt a lot in that time, and we are very good at it.

We help to change a child’s life by working with the community where they live. Children are often the first to feel the impact of poverty. Sustainable development is and has been our long-term goal

Mama Africa began with the director’s salary of 50,000 Uganda shilling which was equivalent to $25 by then, we got our first friend Sharon Paul who gave us $25 that sponsored a child. Pen- state students gave $250 that empowered over 10 families with Animal project today they can look after their children and educate them. It has been a journey and the few friends that trusted us with their money, have seen how it has, multiplied.

The challenges that communities face keep their children from reaching their full potential. For example, a community that does not have access to clean water and Toilets will inevitably have children that are unhealthy. Communities without adequate ways for families to generate income, have more children that cannot afford to go to school or eat. Communities that do not have adequate access to government services like healthcare and birth registration are limited in what they can provide for their children.

However, Breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda, building a better and sustainable community and nation is a journey in Uganda It involves things like building schools, hospitals, Investing in people with sustainable development skills. Our work within the community is so much visible
$30 per month is what it costs for us to do this, but it works. We know it works, because we have over 12 years’ experience of making it work.

We have currently worked on and improved that You’ll be given the opportunity to find out how your child is doing alongside in our monthly and quarterly reports through Newsletters, fakebook    https://www.facebook.com/winnieafrica , global giving reports https://www.globalgiving.org/dy/v2/pe/manage/reports.html?organization.id=11035and  that will help you build a relationship that could change both your lives. “I am so happy to have a mother in the united states that has not seen me physically but gave me a second chance to education, saved me from early marriage now I can write to and share pictures with her,” says Farida. “I am studying. when I finish, I will make her proud of me I am so happy to have a friend and a mother in another country.”